Nose Jobs Become A New Hot Topic

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Getting A Nose Job Is More Common Than You Think

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The amount of people in the United States getting rhinoplasty surgery has risen tenfold since 1994. Back in the day, nose jobs were not common. Today, especially in major cities, you can see your average person on the street with an altered nose. According to Dr. Parker from Butte County Plastic Surgery, many facial altering procedures have been highly effective at enhancing then appearance of the common person.

What You Should Know Before Any Surgical Procedure

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Before going to get any surgery, there are a few things that you should take into account. The first thing is your weight. If you are overweight, you will need to lose weight in order to get to a healthy surgery weight. Being a healthy surgery weight allows for the surgeon to see all of your features. If you have roll upon roll of fat on your body, it will be pretty difficult for a surgeon to operate on any part of your body.

Why Alter Your Nose?

nasal openings in rhinoplasty procedure

Getting a nose job is a relatively simple process. The surgeon will cut through a minimal amount of skin and reshape your nose in a better way to fit your face. Chico Rhinoplasty surgeons claim that skin is very easily moved. In fact, the surgeon can even go through bone if you have a really unfortunate nose. Luckily, almost all plastic surgeons are highly skilled and can easily make you the nose of your dreams. You need to remember, these doctors do surgery on everything. Your nose is a pretty simple operation to them compared to some of the other alterations they do.